Nutrition Seminar:
* Have you heard the term “Macros?”
Do you know what it is?
What if I told you that you could easily live a leaner lifestyle if you just took an extra few minutes a day to track your foods.
Would you like to learn the truth about your diet and how to control it?
In this Seminar we will cover what Macro Nutrients are and how to calculate the correct percentages based on your individual goals.
Do you want to get stronger in your lifts and gain weight? Your daily percentages will be completely different from the person who wants to lose weight and have that ripped “6-pack.”
 Learn how to easily alter your percentages to match your current goals.
*** We will also talk about the correct foods to eat, times of day to eat, portion control, how much time to keep between meals, and different diet trends.

Host: Kyle Kell
Date: June 4th
Duration: 1 Hour: 15 Minutes (10:45am – Noon)
Cost: $25
* Email to Register