My training philosophy is pretty simple. I believe that how you perform in the gym is how you conduct your life outside the gym. I’m convinced that my training will not only make you physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well – and it has ramifications throughout your entire life.

I love being able to show people that they are capable of much more than they realize. The only things holding most of us back are laziness, lack of body awareness, and fears and doubts. My greatest satisfaction as a trainer comes from showing clients how to overcome these issues.

As a Marine, I experienced plenty of tough, frustrating moments, physically and mentally. But I learned how to channel those tough times into a fuel. I used those challenges to compete with myself and to prove that I was stronger and better than any momentary weakness that entered my mind.

Now, I’m ready to share my knowledge, experience, mental toughness and brutal workouts with you.  Only two questions . . .  Are you ready? When can you start?

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Nutrition Seminar June 4th

Nutrition Seminar:
* Have you heard the term “Macros?”
Do you know what it is?
What if I told you that you could easily live a leaner lifestyle if you just took an extra few minutes a day to track your foods.
Would you like to learn the truth about your diet and how to control it?
In this Seminar we will cover what Macro Nutrients are and how to calculate the correct percentages based on your individual goals.
Do you want to get stronger in your lifts and gain weight? Your daily percentages will be completely different from the person who wants to lose weight and have that ripped “6-pack.”
 Learn how to easily alter your percentages to match your current goals.
*** We will also talk about the correct foods to eat, times of day to eat, portion control, how much time to keep between meals, and different diet trends.

Host: Kyle Kell
Date: June 4th
Duration: 1 Hour: 15 Minutes (10:45am – Noon)
Cost: $25
* Email Kyle@orangecoastcrossfit.com to Register

Why should you wake up at 4am everyday?

I have been waking up early since my time in the Marine Corps and it has stuck with me ever since. Why? Waking up earlier allows you to not only mentally prepare for your day but also allows you some time to yourself. Keeping your mind healthy is a BIG way to keep stress levels low and if you are waking up 20 or 30 minutes before you have to be at work, chances are, you’re rushing as soon as you get out of bed. Personally, my whole entire day is thrown off if I start off feeling rushed. Have you ever wondered why you are irritable in the mornings for no apparent reason? There is a strong chance that is it. 

I wake up at 4:05am everyday because my days are long as I’m sure your’s are as well. Whether it is training personal training clients, coaching classes, running my gym, taking care of my daughter, house duties, whatever it may be. It is easy to forget to breathe and it’s easy to forget about #1 (your well being) and before you know it the day is gone and you’re going to bed stressed (again). Try waking up an hour or two earlier than normal, go for a 15 minute jog, go for a 30 minute walk while you answer your daily emails, take the dog for a walk, read a few chapters of your book, spend 10 minutes stretching. I promise you, you will be more mentally fit because of it. You will be sharper and more on point throughout your day. Sure, you might feel tired for the first few days while your body adjusts but in order to create a habit you have to be consistent. You’re not a quitter are you?

– Kyle